creative consulting for communication & effectiveness

specializing in holistic health, education, & community building

integrated organizational wellness, identity, & transition

customized workshops & ongoing training series


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matteo undici blends mindfulness based community activation strategies with clinical expertise in health & human development to offer artful & meaningful opportunities for shared learning & collective transformation.



  • Activating collective wisdom & power of possibilities

  • Embodying our stories, speaking our truth, & stepping into the greater reality

  • Embracing interpersonal, cultural, & environmental factors

  • Understanding human responses to stress & society

  • Repatterning self care & collective empowerment

  • Aligning identity & mission efficacy

  • Deep listening for communication languages, systems, & strategies

  • Transforming leadership, transition, & change

  • Safeguarding liability concerns & risk reduction

  • Envisioning continual improvement assessment

  • Weaving workplace wellness & service delivery integration